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Jack Stenger
Name: Jack Stenger
Nickname: Mr. Peaches
Sex: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Area of Town: Inman Park
Cycling Focus: Road
Road: Men's Cat 4
Bike: Cannondale Cad 4
Miles/Week: 50
Hours/Week: 8
Favorite Charity: St. Vincent de Paul
Favorite Food: Pesto
Non-Bike Activities: Pontificating
Dream Vacation: Mexican Ajido Region
People You'd Invite to Dinner Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Disraeli, Eddie Merckx
Palmares: In 2002 in SoCal, was part of a two-man breakaway in a crit for two laps and the race announcer at one point said: "There go our leaders!"
Best Time on a Bike: Anytime you're "in-town" on Edgewood Ave. things are pretty good.
Why I Ride: To try to work against our toxic oil-dependent, car-dependent American way of life.
Favorite Ride: Avondale Pizza Ride
Goals for 2016: To become a (Cat 4) racer again. To ride my bike to work more than I drive.